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SMARTer entrepreneurs

Have the best business ideas that take current circumstances into account. One moment it’s lockdown; next, dine out and go to the pubs, then three tiers, then four, then what? How do they choose the best business idea to thrive in this unpredictable economic climate? How do they choose the best business idea in 2021?


Research and analyse the market, the customers they intend to serve, the competition they will face and, the partners they plan to work with. They self-assess and evaluate their resources, skills, experience, processes and mindset.

Make strategic and tactical plans to drive the business forward. Using the data, knowledge and insight gained in the research and analysis phase, they work out how to use the resources at their disposal in the most profitable way.

Test how effective their strategies and plans are on limited test scale. This provides the opportunity to select the best options, then adjust and tune them before committing serious money.

Achieve, full steam ahead, all systems go, this is where the magic happens. Their business idea is out there in the marketplace competing for business with all-comers. They have to deliver it and adjust as needed to make more money.

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