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Smarter entrepreneur
Smarter entrepreneur

Getting SMARTer
Getting SMARTer

Smarter entrepreneur
Smarter entrepreneur

SMARTer entrepreneurs make more money. They are SMART, Specific, not vague, Measure progress and success, work to Achievable goals, focus on Relevant things, and make sure they happen on Time.

Specific, not vague. A firm grip on detail; Who? What? Where? Why? When? and How? Leaves no room for doubt yet plenty for success.

Measuring progress keeps them on track to achieve their objectives. It gives them a sense of achievement as they smash goals and prompts review and flex if they don't.

Achievable objectives stretch their abilities, grow their skills but remain possible. No time is wasted grasping for the impossible.

Relevant things are worthwhile, matter and contribute to success. They ask themselves this question "does it make the boat go faster?". If it does they do it, if not, they don't.

Time is money. Driven by deadlines, entrepreneurs switch on, focus and ramp up the achievement process.

They get SMARTer because they continually improve every aspect of their business. For them, hope is not a strategy. Continuous cycles of research and analysis, planning, testing make sure of maximum achievement.

Research and analysis of the market, the customers they intend to serve, the competition they will face and, the partners they plan to work with.

​Make strategic and tactical plans to drive the business forward. Using the data, knowledge and insight gained in the research and analysis phase, they work out how to use the resources at their disposal in the most effective way.

​Test how effective their strategies and plans work on a limited scale. This provides the opportunity to select the best options, adjust and tune them before committing serious money.

​Achieve, full steam ahead, all systems go, this is where the magic happens. Their business idea is out there in the marketplace competing for business with all-comers.

We help entrepreneurs get SMARTer. Our online business advice service is convenient, practical, safe and effective. Distilled from years of business experience and achievement, it blends the best of classic business techniques with sales and marketing approaches adapted tuned to our changing business environment.


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