SMARTer starter packs

SMARTer starters are bite-sized initiators designed to help entrepreneurs get smarter and make more money.

SMARTer starters are straightforward and easy to use, containing business coaching, key principles, game-changers, homeworker hacks, quotations and templates.  They are designed to help you apply all the content directly and quickly to your business.

We will add more packs as they become available and recommend you use them as and when you need to. At the moment, they cover the five stages of our SMARTer entrepreneur process, business idea, research and analysis, plan, test and action.

SMARTer start-ups 2021

SMARTer starter pack

Research & Analysis, Plan

Fruit Pie

We help entrepreneurs get SMARTer and make more money. If you are starting a business we have a free starter pack to get you started.

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