SMARTer start-ups 2021

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We help entrepreneurs get SMARTer and build better businesses. If you are starting a business we have a free starter pack to get you started.

Building a start-up is a challenge at the best of times. The world is oversupplied in almost every way. There is too much competition offering too many products and services to too few people and businesses. It is hard to attract attention, it is hard to develop peoples’ interest, it is hard to make the sale.

Right now, it is even more challenging. Demand is fragile, the CBI, FSB and even our government are warning us we face the most significant economic downturn since records began. People don’t know what to expect, and behaviours have changed, and uncertainty does not encourage spending or consumption. Clearly, you are more motivated to start your own business than most. You have taken the trouble to find our site and download this SMARTer starter. You are far more likely to start a business than people who just dream dreams.

We help a lot of entrepreneurs get SMARTer and make more money. Many people are not sure how to make a start-up work, and we spend a lot of time helping them with simple, fundamental issues. This starter provides this help for free.

This SMARTer starter provides the necessary information, asks business coaching questions, and gives simple examples to address these issues. It’s an excellent way to start becoming a SMARTer entrepreneur and building a SMARTer start-up.