Sales Interview Blueprint

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Sales are the lifeblood of every business. Without sales, there is no revenue, growth or profit. if you are an entrepreneur running your own business or responsible for sales in a small business you need to be good at sales to succeed.

Many entrepreneurs run franchise businesses which promise sales and marketing support. Some franchises deliver on this promise but far more don’t leaving the business owner to generate the necessary deals.

If you have little or no sales and marketing experience, what do you do? A lot of people rely on a series or sales hacks and hope they can generate sales that way. Sometimes this works, and some deals happen. Others rely on the services of specialists who look at specific areas of the sales process and treat them in isolation. This can also work as a better LinkedIn presence, website or lead generation campaign can only help make more sales.

There is a third way, and that is what you can start right here and now. A successful sales machine starts a long way back from the actual sale. You get a much better result if you understand your marketplace, your clients and competition. It also helps if you know why people are likely to buy from you and can differentiate yourself from everyone else.

Choosing the right marketing channels and communication will generate good quality leads, vital to the success of your sales machine.

If you rely on face to face or virtual sales interviews, there are proven processes and skills that will help you outperform and outsell your competition.

This guide is designed to help you take the third, and ultimately the most effective way forward. I hope you enjoy building your expertise and knowledge to become the salesperson your business needs.