Personal leadership

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The coronavirus has turned everything upside down, things everyone took for granted have simply vanished. Things no one everyone dreamed could happen occur almost every day. Tens of thousands of people are no longer with us; we have all been through lockdown and the economy has taken the biggest hit in living memory. All this is down to a virus nobody had heard of this time last year.

Lots of people have gone through more change and disruption than they can handle. Social life is all over the place, work-life the same. It's all very disturbing, it saps self-confidence and reduces people’s sense of direction.

This self-coaching guide is the most popular download in my business’s history. I have spent a lot of time improving it because I believe it really helps people take a breath, get to know themselves, work out what they want to get out of life, then go and get it.

How does it do this? It is a great starter for anyone interested in developing personal leadership in themselves. Joel Farcht defines personal leadership as follows:
“Personal leadership is the self-confident ability to crystalize your thinking and establish an exact direction for your own life, to commit yourself to moving in that direction, and then to take determined action to acquire, accomplish, or become whatever you identify as the ultimate goal in your life.”

Crystalizing your thinking is the starting point. We use 8 Areas of life to develop your understanding of where you are in each area using mind maps, great questions, and time to think. The “Wheel of life” is a very graphic way of looking at balance in your life. It's easy to see the imbalance and it makes the next step easier.

Establishing the exact direction for your life might take a while but goals are a great place to start. The rest of the guide focusses on goals and takes you through my special goal planning process. The process helps you turn simple, or complex goals into actionable plans. Actionable plans will help you acquire, accomplish, or become whatever you have identified as your goals.

Good luck and I hope this helps you