Building SMARTer Marketing Foundations

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Building a better business through SMARTer marketing is like constructing a building. Get the foundations right, and you have a solid base to build on. Get them wrong, and it doesn't matter how good the rest of your work is; the cracks will appear to hamper your progress.

Businesses need a purpose, but sometimes it's not that clear, and everyone suffers. If you can identify clear business objectives, it gives your organisation focus. If your objectives are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound, you can start building the strategies to achieve them.

Marketplace knowledge helps you create and adjust strategies to optimise your business to its environment. It's the start of customer-centricity, improved product-market fit, more effective marketing and, given time and a bit of application, even greater success.

Trends come and go; some last longer than others. If your business can identify and capitalise on trends faster than its competition, it will lead the pack. You will enjoy all the advantages of leading the way and reaping the benefits of being first to market.

Sometimes we can't see the elephant in the room and miss chances to grow the business. Sometimes we miss the needle in the haystack, and others find it, seizing the opportunity and growing their businesses. Taking the time to look for opportunities is a sure way to reduce the chances of missing out.

Most businesses have things holding them back, reducing their chances of success. Whilst we feel it's better to focus on opportunity, sometimes threats are so debilitating that they must be addressed. Again, it's worth taking the time to identify and assess how to handle things.

All of this helps you identify strategies and assess them. As Henry Mintzberg famously said, "Strategy is the start of planning".