Our archive is a great place to get a great start on your quest to become a SMARTer entrepreneur. It can be challenging knowing where to start, so we have decided to put a selection of all the great content we have used over the years to help people.

It will contain self-coaching guides, workbooks, maps, self-assessment questionnaires, presentations designed to help entrepreneurs market more effectively, sell more, increase productivity, get a better work-life balance and develop leadership qualities and abilities.

Right now all of this is free, and we hope to keep it that way. The coronavirus has laid waste to our economy and health, and the future looks tough as tough can be. Lots of people are starting businesses, and we hope we can help them avoid obvious mistakes and end up as SMARTer entrepreneurs.

Good luck and make it happen

SMARTer entreprerneurs

Customer empathy

SMARTer start-ups 2021

SMARTer starter pack

We help entrepreneurs get SMARTer and make more money. If you are starting a business we have a free starter pack to get you started.

SMARTer resolutions 2021

Self coaching guide

2020 has been a challenging year for most people. The nation’s health, wealth and wellbeing, have all come under extreme pressure. Many of us have experienced an unwelcome change to our work and home life. In short, its been s***e. Hopefully, 2021 will be more positive and what better way to start than achieving e resolution that is personal and meaningful?

Business ideas - coming soon

Having a great business idea is the first step towards becoming a SMARTer entrepreneur. This step is where you look at the market opportunities, your goals, your resources and skills and look for that niche that suits you best and others will find really hard to fill.

Test - coming soon

Test is the fourth step in the SMARTer entrepreneur cycle. This phase is where you check out how effective your strategies and plans are on limited test scale. This provides the opportunity to select the best options, then adjust and tune them before you have to commit serious money.

Plan - coming soon

Plan is the third step in the SMARTer entrepreneur process. This phase is where you make your strategic and tactical plans to drive the business forward. Using the data, knowledge and insight gained in the discover phase, you work out how to use the resources at your disposal in the most effective way.

Action - coming soon

Action is the fifth phase in the SMARTer entrepreneur process. Full steam ahead, all systems go, this is where the magic happens, and your business idea is our there in the marketplace competing for business with all-comers. You have to deliver it and adjust as needed to become a SMARTer and wealthier entrepreneur with each repeat of this cycle.

Research & analysis - coming soon

Research & analysis is the second step towards becoming a SMARTer entrepreneur. This step is where you research the market and customers you intend to serve, the competition you will face and the partners you plan to work with. It also provides the opportunity for self-assessment and evaluation of the resources, skills, experience, processes and mindset required to make more money.

Personal leadership

Self coaching guide

The coronavirus has turned everything upside down, things everyone took for granted have simply vanished. Things no one everyone dreamed could happen occur almost every day. Tens of thousands of people are no longer with us; we have all been through lockdown and the economy has taken the biggest hit in living memory. All this is down to a virus nobody had heard of this time last year.

Sales Interview Blueprint

Self coaching guide

Sales are the lifeblood of every business. Without sales, there is no revenue, growth or profit. if you are an entrepreneur running your own business or responsible for sales in a small business you need to be good at sales to succeed.

​The sales interview is, for many, the dealmaker or breaker. This blueprint put years of experience combined with proven techniques in a place you can use them to increase chances of a yes

SMART Campaign planning

Self coaching guide

Practical, well-targeted, and well thought out campaigns are crucial to your businesses success. The SMART campaign planning system is designed to match your sales and marketing activities to your client’s purchasing process, making purchasing from you easier than purchasing from your competitors.

SMART Goal planning

Self coaching guide

Successful people have clearly defined goals and make effective plans to achieve them. Having goals is a fundamental key to success. Goals help you engineer your future in advance of it happening.

​Planning goals helps you stay focused, develop and grow, pushing you to transform in ways you never imagined

This guide takes you through a great process to plan even greater goals.

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